If there is one misconception regarding the holiday season, it isn't the belief that Santa Claus is real, but rather that the holidays are an idyllic, stress-free affair. There are any number of stress-inducing things during the season, from cooking the right meals, to dealing with the energy of children, all of which make for more stress than is necessary. Ford understands this and has focused on it for their most recent YouTube videos. Take a look below and see if any of these instances have happened to you.

If not, then consider yourself lucky, but if you have experienced any of these stressors, chances are you know that you're in for more. But how will you cope with the stress? We recommend vehicle-therapy within a new Ford model. With a wide variety of features and amenities to enhance your sense of comfort and confidence, a few moments in a new Ford will make up for hours of holiday frustration.

Whether you're interested in the stylish Ford Fusion, the family-friendly Escape, or any of the other vehicles in the awesome Ford lineup, we've got you covered at McMahon Ford in St. Louis, MO. We'll help you find the vehicle of your future from our selection of available models and in no time you'll be fully relaxed amidst the chaos of the #Holidaze.